MSc Thesis

M.Sc. Thesis


Ağartan Elif Assessment Of Water Supply Impacts For A Mine Site In Western Turkey 
Arikan Huriye Asli Assessment Of Slope Stability In Antalya-Korkuteli Motorway 
Kahraman Özkan Ayşegül Diagenesis of Cudi Group Formations From Dinçer-1 and South Dinçer-1 Wells SE Anatolia Turkey
Karasözen Ezgi Earthquake Focal Mechanism And Stress Tensor Analysis Along The Central Segment Of The North Anatolian Fault 
Kasimoğlu Pinar Statistical Analysis On The Post-Late Cretaceous Dykes.
Mert Esra Modeling Permian Petroleum System Of Northeast Netherlands: Hydrocarbon Generation And Migration 
Peksezer Ayşe Artificial Recharge Of Groundwater In Küçük Menderes Basin 
Ünal Ezgi Genetic Investigation And Comparison Of Kartaldag And Madendag Epithermal Gold Mineralizations In Çanakkale-Çan Region 
Yal Gözde Pinar Landfill Site Selection And Landfill Liner Design For Ankara 
Yücel Kivanç 3d Modeling Of Salt Related Structures In The Friesland Platform, The Netherlands 
Akkök İnci Geological Mapping Using Remote Sensing Technologies
Çiçek Aydin Neotectonics Of The Karamik Graben (Isparta Angle), Turkey
Çiçek Ceren Implementation Of A Hazard Rating System To The Cut Slopes Along Kizilcahamam-Gerede Segment Of D750 Highway.
Çeliker Gülçin Dilara Post-Eocene – Pre-Miocene Deformations In Haymana Region (South Ankara)
Dinç Aksel Tuğba Micropaleontological Analysis And Sequence Stratigraphy Through The Upper Tournaisian Substage In Aladağ Unit (Central Taurides, Turkey) 
Dündar Pinar Morphological Investigations In Hattusha (Boğazkale-Türkiye)
Eker Arif Mert Determination Of The Dynamic Characteristics And Local Site Conditions Of The Plio-Quarternary Sediments Situated Towards The North Of Ankara Through Surface Wave Testing Methods
Erol Gökhan Gis-Based Microzontion Of Niksar(Tokat) Settlement Area For The Purpose Of The Urban Planning 
Gülyüz Erhan Tectonostratigraphy Of Çiçekdaği Basin: A Supra-Detachment Basin On The Central Anatolian Crystalline Complex(Turkey). 
Hatiboğlu Olgun Investigation Of Koyulhisar (Sivas) Settlement Area Interms Of Slope Instability
Muratoğlu Bükay Monitoring Bakacak And Bülbülderesi Landslides With Photogrammetric Techniques.
Özişik Gülsevim Genetical Investigation Of The Balya-Balikesir Lead-Zinc Mineralizations 
Öztepe Damla Gaye Slope Stability Assessment Along The Bursa-İnegöl-Bozüyük Road At Km:72+000-72+200
Aghayev Rufat Sedimentology And Cyclostratigraphy Of Upper Part Of The Kartal Formation (Centralturkey,Ankara)
Aksular İrem Determination Of The Rock Mass Characteristics And Support Systems Of The New Ulus Tunnel, Ankara
Amirov Elnur Planktonic Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy, Sequence Stratigraphy And Foraminiferal Response To Sedimentary Cyclicity In The Upper Cretaceous‐Paleocene Of The Haymana Basin (Central Anatolia, Turkey)
Binyatov Elnur Sedimentological, Cyclostratigraphical Analysis And Reservoir Characterization Of Balakhanyx Formation Within The Productive Series Azeri Field Onc01 Well(Offshore Azerbaijan)
Çakmak Hayriye Mineralogical And Geochemical Properties Of Eocene And Miocene Gypsums In Central Anatolia And Theiri Ndustrial Applications
Esmeray Selen Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy And Sedimentary Cyclicity Across The Cretaceous‐Tertiary Boundary In The Haymana Basin
Fersoy Çağla Engineering Geological Evaluation Of Dam Sites
Geyikçioğlu Erbaş Bedia Meter Scale Cycles In The Eocene Çayraz Formation (Haymana Basin) And Response Of Foraminifers To Cyclicity
Karaca Ceren Geoarchaeological Investigations In Zeugma
Mutlu Mehmet Özgür General Morphology And Geoarchaeology Of The Ancient Site Of Comanaandits Surroundings,Tokat.
Özen Sevgi Mineralogical Petrographical And Geochemical Properties Of Zeolitic Tuffs In Nw Anatolia
Öztan Nihat Serkan Evaporite Mapping In Bala Region (Ankara) By Remote Sensing Techniques
Öztürk Burcu Core Log Analysis And Correlation Of Mulk Formation Oilshales In Kazan Basin
Seyrek Emre Progressive Tectonic Deformation Since Late Cretaceous In Adiyaman Region (SE Turkey)
Ünsalerdemli  Burcu Sustainable Management Of Ulubey Aquifer System, Usak, Turkey
Ada Mahir Performance Assessment Of Compacted Bentonite/Sand Mixtures Utilized As Isolation Material In Underground Waste Disposal Repositories
Akar Sertaç Offshore Oil Slick Detection With Remote Sensing Techniques
Bildiren Mert Preparation Of Clay-Polymer Nanocomposite For The Retardation Of Waste Water Infiltration In Landfill Sites
Huseynov Afgan Sedimentary Cyclicity In The Upper Cretaceous–Eocene Successions Of The Haymana Basin (Turkey):Depositional Sequences As Response To Relative Sea‐Level Changes
Keskinler Salih Yiğit Sedimentological, Cyclostratigraphical And Sequence Stratigraphical Analysis Of Cretaceous Üzümlü Formation (CW-Turkey).
Nabiyev Anar Sedimentology And Stratigraphy Of Türbeyani Marl Sequences And Velibey Formation (Aptian-Cenomanian): Implications For Possible Source And Reservoirrocks (NW-Turkey)
Özbaş Bengi Gis Based Assessment Of Excavation Difficulty Byt Bm-Epbalongmecidiye -Tandoğan Segment Of The Tandoğan -Keçiören Metro Tunnel
Özkaya Melike Numerical Modeling Of Kizildere Geothermal Field
Yilmaz Çağatay Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Of Devrek, Zonguldak Region Using Remote Sensing And Geographical Information Systems
Altinbilek Mehmet Erdem Geological Investigation Of A Damsite
Avşar Ulaş Evaluation Of Alluvial Deposits In Gemlik Basin Interms Of Earthquake Codes
Ertaş Deniz Burcu Assessment Of Durability Criteria Of The Armourstones Used In Mersin And Kumkuyu Harbours Based On Their Site Performances
Güray Alev Planktonic Foraminiferal Investigation Of Upper Cretaceous Successions In Northwest Anatolia
İmer Ali Genesis of the Karaali (Ankara, Turkey) Fe-Cu Sulphide Mineralization
Oflaz Sabriye Asli Distribution Of Foraminifera In  İskenderun Bay, Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey
Özden Utku Ahmet Quality Assessment Of The Armourstones For Some Blacksea Rubble Mound Break Waters
Özdemir Ayşe Lower -Middle Carboniferous Boundary in Central Taurides, Turkey (Hadim Area): Paleontological and Sequence Stratigraphic Approach
Öztürk Mehmet Sinan Evaluation of Coal and Water Samples From Manisa-Soma-Deniş Region Concerning Balkan Endemic Nephropathy and Determination of Balkan Endemic Nephropathy Risk
Tüfekçi Nesrin Gis Based Geothermal Potential Assessment For Western Anatolia
Bayraktaroğlu Cüneyt  An Analysis Of The Relationship Between Settlements, Water Resources And Rock Types In Çankiri Province 
Ertepinar Pinar Geoarchaelogical investigation of central anatolian caravanserais using gis
Küstü M. Deniz  Optimal Storage Of Freshwater In Saline Aquifers 
Küçükuysal Ceren İpekgil  Geology And Petrology Of Betpazari-Oymaağaç Granitoids 
Pekesin Burcu Fatma  Mineral Mapping In Oymaağaç (Beypazari-Ankara) Granitoid By Remote Sensing Techniques 
Peynircioğlu Ahmet  Micropaleontological Analysis And Facies Evolution Across The Tournaisian-Visean Boundary In Aladağ Unit (Central Taurides-Turkey) 
Sayit Kaan  Geology And Petrology Of The Mafic Volcanic Rocks Within The Karakaya Complex From Central (Ankara) And Nw (Geyve And Edremit) Anatolia 
Arca M. Serkan  Neotectonics And Evolution Of The Yeniçağa Basin, Bolu - Turkey 
Avşar Özgür  Landslide Stabilization In Weathered Tuffite, Northern Turkey 
Ayhan Arda  Geological And Morphological Investigations Of The Underground Cities Of Cappadocia Using Cis 
Billur Başak  Geology And Petrology Of The Beypazari Granitoids: Yassikaya Sector 
Biryol C. Berk  Neotectonics And Evolution Of The Eskipazar Basin, Karabük - Turkey 
Buğdaycioğlu Çağrı Tectono-Metamorphic Evolution Of The Northern Menderes Massif: Evidence From The Horst Between  Gördes And Demirci Basins (West Anatolia, Turkey) 
Cihan Abdullah  The Rise Velocity Of An Air Bubble In Coarse Porous Media: Theoretical Studies 
Demirel Serhat  Origin And Significance Of A Quartz-Tourmaline Breccia Zone Within Central Anatolian Crystalline Complex, Turkey 
Duru Uygar  Dewatering Plan And Prediction For Pit Lake Flooding For A Quarry Site 
Genç Gence Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment For Eskişehir
Hasan Abubakr  Numerical Modeling Of Seawater-Fresh Groundwater Relationships In The Selçuk Sub-Basin, İzmir-Turkey 
Ökten Şebnem  Investigation Of The Safe And Sustainable Yields For The Sandy Complex Aquifer System In Ergene River Basin 
Kaplan Tülin  Neotectonics And Seismicity Of Ankara: A Case Study In The Uruş Area 
Karaca Aykut  Post-Miocene Deformation Of The Area Between Alibey (Kizilcahamam) Ana Karalar (Kazan) Villages, Nw Ankara (Turkey) 
Kolat Çağıl Geographical Information Systems Based Microzonation Map Of Eskişehir Downtown Area
Öztekin Burak Assessment Of Degradation Mechanism And Stability Of A Cut Slope In Jointed And Sheared Limestone Along Ankara-Eskişehir E90 Highway
Şener Başak Landfill Site Selection By Using Geographical Information Systems
Süer Selin  Monitoring Of Chemical And Isotopic Compositions Of Geothermal Waters Along The North Anatolian Fault Zone 
Ceyhan Nuri  Lead Isotope Geochemistry Of Pb-Zn Deposits From Eastern Taurides, Turkey 
Derman H. Armağan  Squence Stratigraphic Architecture Of Mut Basin Along Ramp To Reefal Margin Transition And Its Diagenetic Imprint 
Işikli Yeliz  Modelling Groundwater Flow In A Raw Material Site Of A Cement Factory, Kocaeli-Darica, Turkey 
Sopaci Evrim  Stability Investigations Along The Ordu Peripheral Highway (Km:21.000-Km:40.114) 
Sevindi Gökhan Joint Analysis In The Rock Settlements Of Cappadocia 
Yetkin Erdem  Alteration Mapping By Remote Sensing: Application To Hasandağ-Melendiz Volcanic Complex 
Acir Özgür  Quality Assessment Of The Potential Armourstones For The Helaldi Rubble Mound Breakwater (Sinop-Turkey) 
Çağatay Sıdıka Seda  Hydrothermal Alteration Of Volcanic Rocks From Galetean Volcanic Province At Çeltikçi Area 
Çevik Engin  Gis Based Landslide Susceptibility Mapping For The Segment (Km 60--Km 83) Of Ng Pipeline, North Of Hendek 
Kentli Berkay  Assessment Of Excavatability And Slope Stability For Çiftehan-Pozanti Segment Of The Ankara-Pozanti Motorway 
Pütürgeli Ebru  Meter-Scale Shallowing Upward Cycles In The Midian (Upper Permian) Strata (Central Taurides, Turkey) 
Teoman Mehmet Bora  Assessment Of Slope Stability In Ankara Clay: A Case Study Along Ankara-Eskişehir E90 Highway 
Sağlam Zeynep Jülide  An Investigation On The Oxide And Clay Minerals Of Ankara Clay 
Şen  Aydın Meter-scale subtidal cycles in the middle carbonifrous carbonates of central taurides, southern Turkey and response of fusulinacean foraminifers to sedimentary cyclicity
Sölpüker Utku Use of Tuffs As Pozzolanic Materials in Cement Industry
Ünal Emre  Cyclic Sedimentation Along The Permian- Triassic Boundary (Central Taurides, Hadim, Sw Turkey) 
Yapmiş Jülide  Thermal Waters Along The North Anatolian Fault Zone (Nafz): Geochemistry And Geothermometry Applications 
Koçkar Mustafa Kerem  Engineering Geological Investigations Along The Iliksu Tunnels, Alanya 
Özacar Arda  Neotectonic Characteristics And Seismicity Of The Dombayova Graben 
Şakiyan Jale  Groundwater Management Policy Development For The Küçük Menderes River Basin Aquifer System 
Cihan Mustafa  Neotectonic Characteristics And Seismicity Of The Sandikli Graben 
Gündoğdu Arzu  Groundwater Recharge Estimation For Küçük Menderes River Basin Aquifer System 
Muratli Serkan  The Stability Assesment Of Geçilmez Tunnel , Giresun 
Pusatli Özgür Tolga  Assessment Of Irrigation Water Quality And Contamination In The Küçük Menderes River Basin İzmir- Turkey 
Sözmen Burak  Investigation Of Deterioration Mechanisms Of Yazilikaya Tuffs In Midas Monument, Eskişehir (Turkey) 
Akpulat Nadir Taskın  Quantitative Basin Modelling, Hydrocarbon Generation And Migration History Of Eskitaş Oil Field Se Turkey Foreland Basin 
Gaziulusoy (Yıldızel) Z. Elif  A Sequence Stratigraphical Approach From Microfacies Analysis To The Aptian-Albian Peritidal Carbonates Of Polat Limestone (Seydişehir) 
Harmanli Aslı Modeling Of Akarşen (Murgul-Artvin) Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Deposit 
Işik Nihat Sinan  Causes, Analysis And Stabilisation Of A Coastal Slide 
Kaplan Nurcan  Assessment Of Liquefaction Potential Of Çiğli (İzmir) 
Korucu (Çelikoğlu) Özlem  Depositional Sequences Of The Yenimacir Group Clastics In The Değirmenköy Gas Field, Based On Sedimentology And Sequnce Stratigraphy Concepts 
Met İlker  Engineering Geological Assessment Of Clayey Soils In Ankara For Being Utilized As Compacted Clay Liners
Özkan Recep  Lower And Middle Carboniferous Micropaleontology And Biostratigraphy Of Eastern Part Of Pre-Caspian Depression, Western Kazakstan 
Senyücel-Yardımcılar S. Aylin  Geochemical Assesment Of Environmental Effects Of The Trace Metals Around Kutlular Mine Sürmene-Trabzon 
Şüyün Berna  Alternation And Porphyry Type Mineralization In The Pinarbaşigranitoid Complex( Gediz, Kütahya, Turkey) 
Tokgöz Mehmet  Optimal Dewatering Of The Collector Line In Aksaray Organized Industrial District Aksaray-Turkey 
Ürün Gokhan  Sedimentary Facies Of Kirmir Formaion, Se Beypazari Miocene Basin 
Yilmaz K. Koray  Characterization Of The Küçük Menderes River Basin Aquifer System 
Akçar Naki  Meter Scale Cyclic Deposits In The Lower Cretaceous Peritidal Carbonates Of The Üzümlü Area(Western Taurides Turkey) 
Bayazitoğlu Muzaffer  Short Distance Sequence Strarigraphic Correlation In A Carbonate Succession Of Fele Area( North Of Beyşehir Lake, Western Taurides, Turkey) 
Canpolat Fusun  Hydrogeochemical Evaluation Of The Impact Of Golbaşi Municipality Waste Disposal Site On Groundwaters & Surface Water 
Çanci Burcu  Geochemical Assesment Of Environmental Effects Of Fly Ash From Seyitömer(Kütahya) Thermal Power Plant 
Gökçe Oktay  Neotectonics And The Seismicity Of The Western Margin Of Sandikli Graben 
Kansu Erhan  A Remote Sensing Study Using Landsat 5 Tm Imagery For Geological Mapping Around Sungurlu (Çorum)  
Özgül Levent  Geology And Petrology Of Hp/Lt Metamorphics In Altinekin Area( Konya), Central Anatolia 
Özgül Turhan, Erçin  Geology, Petrography And Geochemistry Of The Kalecik Ultramafic Body Around Gölköy, Kalecik-Ankara 
Sezer G.Aslı Cation Exchange Capacity And Contaminant Uptake Properties Of Some Natural Clays As Potential Landfill Liners 
Soyhan Osman  Classification Of Oils Of Aktubinsk Area, Kazakistan 
Toksoy Fatma  Petrography And Mineralogy Of The Vermiculitised Phlogopitic Metagabbro From The Kurançali Area(Kirşehir-Central Anatolia) 
Yeşilnacar Ertan  Selection Of Settlement Areas Using Gis And Statistical Methods 
Arslan Kadir Mert.   Hydrothermal Alteration At The Altintepe Gold Prospect 
Bayburtluoğlu Bülent  Stream Sediment Geochemical Exploration Around Akdağ & Eğrigöz Granitoids Simav - Kutahya -Turkey 
Dipova Nihat  Assessment Of Soil Behaviours In The Konyaalti Region (Antalya) 
Eroğlu Özgür  Geostatistical Characterization Of Erzin Plain Aquifer System Hatay - Turkey 
İçöz Serap  Petrographic Features And Chemical Analysys Of Tertiary Ceylan And  Mezardere Formations Along Yenimuhacir Measured Stratigraphic Section In Southern Thrace Basin 
Yilmaz Ö.İsmail  Sequence Stratigraphy And Dasyclad Algal Taxonomy In The  Upper Jurassic (Kimmeridgian) - Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian) Peritidal Carbonates Of The Fele (Yassibel) Area 
Yoldemir Olgun  Stratigraphic Position Of Soğucak, Ibrice And Mecidiye Formations In Sw Thrace Basin Of Turkey 
Arcasoy Arda  A Statistical Relationship Between The Clay Mineral 
Avci M.Kerem  Assessment Of Excavatability And Slope Stability Studies Between 53+000 - 58+000 Km.'S Of The Proposed Ankara - Pozanti Autoroad 
Köksal Serhat  The Geological And Petrological Characterisitcs Of The İdiş Daği- Avanos Area (Nevşehir- Central Anatolia) 
Mohamed A.Nur  Subsurface Geology Of The Upper Cretaceous / Lower Palaeocene Sequence In The Southeastern Section Of The Tuz Gölü Basin, Turkey 
Öztürk Özgür  Reservoir Geology Of The Lower Cretaceous Clastic Series, Northeast Of Boyabat (Sinop Basin, Turkey) 
Süzen L.Mehmet  Lacustrine Mineral Facies Of The Neogene Pelitçik Basin (Galatean Volcanic Province) 
Ulu Murat  Description And Characterization Of A Carbonate Reservoir 
Ulu Ü.Yıldız  Fluid Inclusion Studies Of The Fluorite Deposits In The Kaman (Kirşehir) Region 
Görgün Sibel Berrin  Micropaleontologic Data From Damlaağaçderesi Sedimentary Melange In Alacaatli Region (Ankara): Reconstruction Of Jurassic -Cretaceous Sedimentary Successions 
Bayrak Ayhan  One - Dimensional Quantitative Basin Modelling In Western Black Sea Region 
Beyhan Ali  Stratigraphic Outline And Neotectonics Of The 
Demirci Cengiz  Geology And Petrology Of The Volcanic Rocks In The  
Erk Teymur Serpil  Miocene (Aquitanian Langhian) Foraminiferal Taxonomy And  Biostratigraphy In The Western Taurides, (Sw Anatolia) 
Hallaji Khosrow.  Optimal Management Of Erzin Plain Aquifer System  
Leventoğlu Haludun  Neotectonic Characteristics Of The Central Part Of The Tuzgölü Fault Zone Around Mezgit (Aksaray) 
Mekik Figen Ayşe  An Attempt To Reconstruct The Jurassic - Cretaceous Successions Of The Damlaağaçderesi Sedimentary Melange: Stratigraphic And Micropaleontologic Analyses 
Misirli Feyzan  Optimal Waste Containment Strategies In Groundwater Pollution Studies 
Soylu Mesut  Exploration Geology Of The Dereiçi (Şavşat - Artvin) Cu -Pb - Zn Deposits 
Yavuz Nurdan  Palynology, Petrography And Chemistry Of The Tavşanli Coals (Kütahya) 
Özçelik Yakup  Tectono-Stratigraphy Of The Laçin Area (Çorum-Turkey) 
Başağaoğlu Hakan  Optimal Expansion Of Capacity In Multi - Aquifer Systems 
Hattar Amer  Engineering Geological Evaluation Of The Aliağa Thermal Power Plant Ash Disposal Site (Aliağa, İzmir, Turkey) 
Kebede M.Samuel  Geology And Geochemistry Of Magnesite And Chromite Deposits In The  Ultramafic Rocks Of Harmancik, Bursa, Turkey 
Metin Tahsin  Tectono-Stratigraphy Of Southeast Of The Seydişehir (Konya) 
Şen Yıldız  Reservoir Characterization Of The Hamitabat Gas Field, Thrace - Turkey 
Tsige T. Lulu  Geology And Petrography Of Gülşehir Area Nevşehir, Turkey 
Ünlü Jale  The Significance Of Color Differentiation In Tuffs From Göreme Area 
Woldegiorgis Elma Leake  Petrological And Structural Characteristics Of The Dikilitaş -Orhaniye Area, Niğde Region 
Yakar Hüseyin  Late Campanian-Early Paleocene Planktic Foraminiferal Taxonomy And Biostratigraphy In The Adiyaman Region (Se Anatolia) 
Yohannes Ermias Berhane Geology And Petrology Of The Beypazari Granitoids.  
Yihunie Tadesse Workneh.   Geology, Petrography And Geochemistry Of The Volcanic Rocks From Güvem Area (Kizilcahamam-Ankara) 
Gizaw Tilaun Abayneh  Geology And Mineral Deposits Of Gümüşler Area (Niğde, Turkey) 
Güngör Pınar  Mineralogical And Chemical Properties Of Bentonites From Southwest Çankiri Basin 
Kaya A.Mehmet  The Geological Structure Of Oligocene Formations At Umurca Field (Thrace) Using Dipmeter Log Data (An Application Of "Scat" Method) 
Kuşcu İlkay  Geology Of The Çamardi - Niğde Region And Madsan Antimony Deposit 
Öztürk Ömer  Fault Plane Solutions Of Some Recent Earthquakes In Eastern 
Tassew Abate Begosew  Ore Mineralogy Of The Küre Copper Deposit (Kastamonu, Turkey) 
Yimenu D. Manaye  Ore Mineralogy Of The Bakirçay Copper Deposit (Merzifon, Northeastern Turkey) 
Aras Aydın  Clay Mineralogy And Sedimentological Features Of The Late 
Gürgey Tekin Ayşegül  Paleocene Planktonic Foraminiferal Taxonomy And Biostratiraphy In The Adiyaman Region (Se Anatolia) 
Kadioğlu K.Yusuf  Geology, Petrography And Geochemistry Of Ağaçören (Aksaray) Magmatic Rocks 
Kaymakçi Nuretdin  Neotectonic Evolution Of The Inegöl(Bursa) Basin.  
Kumsal Kubilay  Mathematical Approximation For The Source Rock Maturity In Se Turkey 
Merdan Gültekin  Application Of Geiger's Method To Western Turkish Eartquakes 
Özalp Tamer  Geology ,Mineralogy, Petrography And Chemical Composion Of  
Topdemir Sebahattin A  Reservoir Geology Of The Hazro Formation In The Hazro South-2, Kayayolu-1, Kayayolu-2 And Sebyan-2 Wells, Southeast Turkey 
Yaliniz M,Kenan  Mineralogy Of The Sütleğen Bauxite Occurrences (Kaş - Antalya) 
Bozkurt Erdin  Geology Of The Almus Fault Zone (Afz) (Almus-Tokat). 
Erhim Mahmoud  Reservoir Geology Of The Mardin Group In The Dervişhasan-1, Mollacabir-1, Bismil-1 And Babahaki-2 Wells, Southeast Turkey 
Göker Tansel  Geology, Petrography And Geochemistry Of Volcanic Rocks From Karaşar District - Beypazari, Ankara 
Kadinkiz Gökhan  Geology And Petrography Of The Fethiye Ophiolite Around Çaltiözü Village, Fethiye -Western Taurus 
Muhannad R.Arar  Evaluation Of Mineralization And Chemistry Of The Kurşunlu Lead - Zinc Deposits (Koyulhisar - Sivas) 
Uğur Feridun Alp  Application Of One-Dimensional Quantitative Basin Modelling At The Demre-1 Well, Western Taurds, Turkey 
Wondemagegnehu T.Wagaw  Mineralogy, Chemistry And Physical Properties Of The Magnetite Ore Deposits Around Kesikköprü Village And The Surrounding Areas 
Yadete Hundıe Melka  Rock Geochemical Exploration In Intrusive Rocks Of Behrekdaği Area (Çelebi - Kirikkale) 
Kurttaş Türker  Finite Difference Modelling Of The Adana (Turkey) Plain Groundwater Basin 
Onur Türker  Correlation Of Geotehcnical Parameters Of The İzmir Sewerage Plant Site Area 
Tekinli Kağan Uğur  Geology Of The Permian Sequence In The Gercüş-2, Çelikli-101, Kentalan-7, Zengan-1 Wells, South Turkey 
Yokuş Ümithan  Formation Evaluation Of The Reservoir Rocks In The Western Block Of The Kayakoy Field Southeast Turkey 
Yurtyeri Ercan  Geology, Petrology And Geochemistry Of The Kanarakaya Basalts, Polatli, Ankara 
Yusufoğlu Halil  Geology Of The Sarilar (Hacibektaş - Nevşehir) Region, Central Anatolia, Turkey 
Alizadeh Firuz  Heavy Mineral Distribution In The Offshore Sediments Of Sinop, Black Sea Coast 
Olgun Engin  Sedimentary Features Of Some Jurassic-Cretaceous Olistostromes Between Alci And Balkuyumcu, Southwest Of Ankara 
Üçler İlker  Sedimentary Characteristics Of A Neogene Gravel Deposits, In Yukari Yurtçu Area, Ankara 
Bati Zühtü  Geology And Micropaleontology Of Northwest Of Mut Region (İçel - Turkey) 
Çetin Kenan  Grain Size Distribution Parameters Of The Bottom Surface Sediments Of The Shelf Area Around Inceburun Peninsula On The Black Sea 
Düzgören Nurdan Sebile  Mineralogy, Petrography And Geochemistry Of Kizildağ And Guleman Chromites 
Ergintav T.Yavuz  Geology Of Akçakişla - Eynelli Region, Near Akdağmadeni, Between Yozgat And Sivas 
Sadeg Salah Ali  Finite Element Analysis Of Asltwater Intrusion In Coastal Aquifers 
Topal Tamer  Engineering Geological Investigations Along The Incegez Tunnel Alingment 
Yousef Jamal  Effect Of Reservior Impoundment On The Settlement Of The Foundation Of Karakaya Railroad Viaduct, Finite Element Approach 
Abdullaziz Anmar  Geotechnical Characteristics Of Shales At The Akkuyu Ii (Çamalani) Nuclear Power Plant Site Area Mersin Turkey 
Aydin Adnan  Engineering Geological Mapping Of The Akkuyu Ii (Çamalani) Nuclear Power Plant Site Area, Mersin - Turkey 
Çetin Halil  Weathering Of Carbotenate Rocks At The Akkuyu Ii (Çamalan) Nuclear Power Plant Site Area (Mersin -Turkey) 
Dalkiliç - Batırbek?Filiz  Petrography And Geochemistry Of Felsic Instrusive Rocks From Northeast Of Kaman Region (Kirşehir Turkey) 
Özcan Ercan  Stratigraphic And Micropaleontologic Investigation Of The Alakir - 1 Well (Finike), Western Taurids, Turkey 
Sbiehi A.Rahman  Geochemical Investigations Of Some Turkish Coals 
Aker Serdar  Mineralogy And Petrography Of Burial Diagenesis In Sedimentary Rocks From A Well In Thrace Basin, Turkey 
Chowdhury Ali Hafız  Petroleum Geology Of The Surma Basin, Northeast Bangladesh 
Çetintaş Hülya Güven Stratigraphy Of Megablocks Within The "Anatolian Ophiolitic Melange" Around Balikuyumcu, Southwest Ankara, Turkey 
Dalkiliç Behzat  Geology Of Sarihacili - Divanli - Azizli Region (Yozgat -Turkey) 
Diren Gökhan  Effect Of Waves On Grain Size Distribution Along Nearshore Zone Of Erdemli Beach (Mersin-Turkey) 
Emekli Nusret  Seismicity Of The Reegion Between İzmit And Kastamonu, Turkey 
Ertuğ Kaya  Geophysical Investigation Of The Rockslide At Old Port Area 
İkizer Selim  Dispersion Of Fluorine Around The Küçüksu And Madenköy Ore Deposits, Turkey 
İlleez H. İsmail  A Study Of Timing Of Hydrocarbon Generation In The Northern Thrace Basin 
Karataş Sedat  Geology Of Northeast Of Şefaatli (Yozgat) 
Önen A.Pırıl  Mineralogy, Petrography And Geochemistry Of Gabros From Northeast Of Kaman Region (Kirşehir) 
Özcan Osman Akif  Geology Of The Karincali Area And Heavy - Mineral Surveys Around Kirşehir, Central Anatolia 
Özkan Sevinç  Maastrichtian Planktonic Foraminifera And Stratigraphy Of The Germav Formation, Gercuş Area, Southeast Turkey 
Özten Ahmet  Geology And Lignite Deposit Of The Ayvaköy Area (Dodurga - Çorum -Turkey) 
Rojay F. Bora  The Tectono-Stratigratigraphic Characteristics Of Kelkit Valley Subzone Of The North Anatolian Fault 
Sayin Naci  Geology Of The Northeast Of Karacahasan, Elmadağ 
Tosun Hasan  Comparison Of Tunnel Design Methods And Their Application To Urfa Aqueduct Tunnel 
Tosun Murat  Geology And Micropaleontology Of South And Southeast Of Bornova Region 
Türeli T. Kemal  Bathymetry And Bottom Sediments Of Lake Emir, South Of Ankara 
Yüksel M.Murat  Geology Of The Aydincik (Mersin) Region, Central Taurus, Turkey 
Çetintaş Arif  Engineering Geological Investigations Along The Karakaya Railroad Bridge 
Geven Akın  Determination Of The Composition Of Natural Plagioclases By X - Ray Powder Diffraction Method 
Parlakyiğit Aziz  Gelogy Of The Çamkoru - Özbekler Area Kizilcihamam - Ankara 
Atalay Mesut  Geology Of The Region South Of Sungurlu Çorum, Turkey 
Soylu Cengiz  Organic Geochemical Evaluation Of Three Weels From Southeast Turkey 
Erendil Murat  Geology Of The Kömürçukuru Volcanic Complex 
Güleç Nilgün  Study Of The Trace Element Contents Of Pyrites From Turkey And Cyprus 
Köroğlu Füsun  Determination Of Crust And Upper Mantle Structure Between Iran And Turkey By Using Rayleigh Wave Dispersion 
Mindevalli Öznur  Determination Of Focal Mechanisms, Seismic Moments And Stress Drops Of Eight Recent Drops Of Eight Recent Anatolian Earthquakes By Using P-Wave Spectra 
Toprak Vedat  Geology Of The Havza - Vezirköprü Area, Samsun - Turkey 
Yilmazer Ilyas  Geology Of The Lalahan - Kayaş Region Ankara-Turkey 
Ayday Can  Studies On The Ulupinar Peridotite Body And Geochemistry Of The Aladağ Diabase Dikes (Kayseri-Turkey) 
Çubukçu Turgut Engin  Geology And Geochemical Exploration In Başyurt Yayla Harşit - Giresun 
Durmaz Lütfü  Study Of Başyayla Melange (Kayseri-Turkey) With Markov Chains 
Ediger Ş.Volkan  Geology Of The Küçük Çamli Tepe-Orta Tepe Diasporite Deposits 
Sobutay Ahmet  Interpretation Of Well Logs By Computer 
Yanilmaz Emin  Sedimentary Geology Of The Area South Of Temelli 
Genç Şengül  Geology Of The Gümüşbel Area, Eskişehir 
Yücekent Uğur Floor heave in the gate roadways of ADL collieries.
Aksoy H.Hüsnü  Geology And Clay Deposits Of The Küreköy - İnhisar Region (Söğüt - Bilecik) 
Dirik Kadir  Geology Of The Geriþ-Akseki Region (Antalya-Turkey). 
Doğaneli Halil Caner  Geochemical Exploration In Kozlu Region (Erbaa-Tokat) 
Ural Turhan  Finite Difference Modelling Of Edremit Valley Aquifers 
Atabey Mehmet Ender  Mineralogy Of The Mortaş And Doğankuzu Bauxite Deposits, Seydişehir, Konya 
Ahmed Rizwan  Gelogy Of The Area Southwest Of Dicle 
Beken Ali  Geology Of The Bahro Area 
Tekinturhan Bahatin  Geological And Geochemical Studies At The Kalkim Region 
Uçakci Savaş  Geology Of The Western Part Of Tenice Area 
Altiner Demir  Geology Of Kamişlibala - Keklicek Area 
Baycan Ayla  Mineralogical Investigation On Fe - Ti Oxides And Other Minerals In Some Beach Sands Of Eastern Black Sea Cost 
Çetinkaya İlhan   Geology Of The Arslanköy Region 
Günal Asuman  Mineralogical Investigations On The Harşit -Köprübaşi Occurence Tirebolu, Giresun 
Yildirim Mehmet  Geology Of Kizildağ - Edige Region 
Çapan Ussal Zeki  Geology Of Gökdere Region And Its Ophiolite Suite  
Dericioğlu Haluk  Geology And Mineral Deposits Of Karadur Region 
Durgun Hasan  Geology And Mineralizations Of Çalti - Kemaliye Region 
Khan Mohammed Ali  Some Textural Parameters Of The Lower Kizilirmak Flood Plain Sediments 
Nazzal Fehmi Kamel  Micropaleontologic And Stratigraphic Study Of Three Measured Sections In Haymana Area, South Of Ankara 
Soyder Tarık  Geological Investigation Of Yakaören Region 
Rad Razi Madjid  Vertical Variations In Textural Parameters And Heavy Mineral Abundance Of Harhor Formation (Eocene) In The Çayraz (Haymana) Area 
Şengül Metin  Geology Of Ayaş Region 
S Ayied Abrar Mustafa  Geology And The Chromite Deposits 
Aral Halil  Geology And Antimony Deposits Of Göynük - Çukurören Region 
Erler Ayhan  Geology Of Ağizlar Lead - Zinc Occurrence 
Öner Ömer Geologic Investigavtion of Yumaklı-Kardakçıdağ Region
Buket Ersen  Geology Of The Aktepe-Buğra Region (Kalecik-Ankara-Turkey).  
Sündal Ünal  Geology Of The Okçuköy Region 
Akiman Orhan Geology Of The Kişlacik (Çubuk) Area
Doyuran Vedat Geology Of The Kuruçay (Çubuk) Region
Özkaya İsmail  A Study Of The Geology Of A Metamorphic Region And Related Abestos Occurrences Near Mihaliccik-Eskişehir-Turkey