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Acceptance Criteria




 Application Form
2. ALES score type has to be quantitative. Click here to check ALES-GRE conversion chart.
3. Reference letters (2).
4. Letter of intention (included in the online form) 
5. Official copies of Transcript(s) 
6. The language of instruction at METU is English. A valid and acceptable English qualifying exam score is therefore required. Acceptable tests, scores and conversion charts are announced on the Graduate School website
7. Applicants fulfilling the above criteria have to contact the faculty members regarding their research interests and get approval from their potential supervisor who will send an approval letter to the Graduate Education Committee later
8. The Graduate Education Committee will review all official documents and consider advisoring load of the potential supervisor to finalize the offer of admission.
9. Applicants with record of courses in their transcript not comparable to a four-year bachelor's degree in Geological Engineering at METU may be considered for provisional admission, which requires completion of specified remedial courses (as decided by the Graduation Education Committee).
10. The final decision will be given by the Graduate Education Committee by considering the application requirements and advisoring load of the potential supervisor.
11. There will be no interviews with the applicants.
12. The Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences confirms eligibility for application of all graduate degree candidates, while the Departments evaluate the applicants and make recommendations for admission. The final approval for admission to the program belongs to the Graduate School.
13. To apply Ph.D., both undergraduate and graduate transcripts are required

M.S. 65 70 2.00  
Ph.D. 65 70   3.00


Graduate Admissions (Ankara Campus):



E-mail Addresses & Phone Numbers:

  • Graduate School of Applied Mathematics : Send email | +90 (312) 210 29 87
  • Graduate School of Informatics: Send email | +90 (312) 210 37 41
  • Graduate School of Marine Sciences: Send email | +90 (324) 521 34 34
  • Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences: Send email | +90 (312) 210 22 92
  • Graduate School of Social Sciences: Send email | +90 (312) 210 20 94