Mission and Objectives

Geological Engineering encompasses the professional engineering applications of geology (the science of earth materials and processes) to mineral resources research and exploration, surface and underground engineering construction problems, groundwater and geothermal energy development and related problems. Geological Engineering requires the integration of geological science and engineering principles and methods, beyond the concepts of geology as a science, for the recognition, analysis is and solution of various engineering problems which require professional and specialized geological investigations.

Educational Mission

The educational mission of the Geological Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering of Middle East Technical University is to graduate professionals who are capable of providing innovative solutions to geological engineering problems met by private, public, industrial and government entities, as well as being able to follow, utilize and disseminate developments in related areas of science and technology.



The Geological Engineering Undergraduate Program is designed to graduate students who in their professional life

(1) can successfully practice the geological engineering profession in the areas of natural resources, natural hazards, geotechnical and environmental issues that are related to geological materials and processes,

(2) can pursue advanced studies and conduct research in the academic institutions, and

(3) are able to discharge the necessary professional responsibilities in areas such as ethical, societal, environmental and self-improvement issues.