Facilities and Laboratories

All classes are equipped with overhead and data show-projector systems. Smart, interactive whiteboard system is installed in theconference hall (Room Nr.127).
One PC lab is provided by the Department of Geological Engineering for the use of department members, particularly undergraduate and graduate students who need PC access for the courses given in the department curriculum. This lab is for registered users only and open 7 days, 24 hours. Wireless internet access is free in the entire building for the registered users.
The museum is located in the Geological Engineering Department building on the ground floor. The museum includes many excellent minerals, rock and fossil samples collected from different parts of the world. Click the Geology museum's link for more information.
Departments library is located in Room Nr. 135 on the first floor of the building. The library provides a pleasant atmosphere for undergraduate and graduate students, allowing them to study. It is open for 24 hours and students can access the room via the registered student ID cards.


Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
Clay Mineralogy Laboratory
Computational Laboratory
Economic Geology Laboratory
Engineering Geology Laboratory
Geophysics Laboratory and Seismic Research Observatory
Hydrogeochemistry Laboratory
Hydrogeology Laboratory
Integrated Basin Analysis Laboratory
Marine Micropaleontology Laboratory
Mineralogy-Petrography Laboratory
Ore Microscopy Laboratory
Paleontology Laboratory
Photogeology Laboratory
Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory
Sample Preperation Laboratory
(Grinding, Powdering, Thin Section and Polished Section)
Sedimentology Laboratory
XRD Laboratory