Student Outcomes

Targeted outcomes of the METU Geological Engineering Program of the Faculty of Engineering are listed below:

  • acquisition and application of knowledge on mathematics, basic sciences, geological sciences and engineering sciences for the solution of geological engineering problems,
  • development of ability to visualize topographical and geological features in 4-D for solving Geological Engineering problems,
  • development of capabilities for analytical thinking and seeking alternative solutions in modeling, analyzing and solving Geological Engineering problems by using modern engineering tools and methods,
  • development of professional and ethical responsibilities to protect both occupational and public health and safety,
  • development of ability to design and conduct Geological Engineering projects and experiments individually, or in single-or multidisciplinary teams,
  • development and improvement of ability to effectively communicate in order to inform the society on the impact of Geological Engineering problems and their possible solutions through oral, written and poster presentation,
  • improvement of awareness of the contemporary issues concerning Geological Engineering, through actual contact with the people involved, and
  • improvement of awareness of the need for life-long learning including the use of multi-language sources.